This year, our community yard sale will be Saturday, April 13th, 2024 from 8AM -2PM. We are looking for shoppers (of course!) AND we are looking for sellers. Yes, we need our Freeport residents to participate to help make our annual Spring yard sale a success. Let’s keep the tradition going!

This is a great opportunity to clear out the belongings you are no longer using and make a little extra cash at the same time. It is easy to participate- simply set up in front of your home. People will be traveling around town looking for sales. Be visible! There is no map that says where the sales will be located, but part of the fun of a community sale is looking around town for who has a table! Talk to your neighbors and get a group together- this will attract even more people to your spot.

Ready to get started? We have some simple suggestions to make your table a success…

First, get organized! Don’t wait until the night before. Start going through your things a week or 2 in advance. Make sure things are clean and in good condition. Organize by category- kids items, kitchen items, records, sports equipment, etc.

Curious about what sells best? It’s true that kids items sell the best- from baby items through elementary school. Kids are expensive, right? Parents and grandparents are searching to find good bargains. If you have clothes, toys and equipment that your kids are no longer using, a yard sale is perfect for you.

But, don’t worry! Next best selling is kitchen items and we all have those. From gadgets to mugs to plates and muffin tins, buyers are always on the hunt for kitchen items. Sports equipment also sells very well and records too! People are always searching for home decor and garden furniture. Don’t forget the TOOLS. Bargain hunters love to find unique and useful tools to buy.

That brings us to our next tip- price your items. People do not like to ask “how much?” over and over again. Also, do not say “make an offer”. That can make some buyers feel uncomfortable and could easily loose you a sale. It is better to price in advance. Or have a sign that says “this table $2”, etc.

Next tip- think about your display a little. Is there a way for you to add some height to your table? Crates or a small shelf? This will make it easier for people to see your items. No need to spend lots of time on this but a little thought can make a difference. Consider a table cloth or some nice signage.

Also, if you are a little away from the main area of town (like by the river or up on Franklin) consider some extra signage so people can find you. Ask a friend if you can put a sign in their yard or on a public corner. Buyers will be searching but they may need a little extra help.

It’s going to be a great day in Freeport! We hope you will participate and enjoy meeting your neighbors. An extra bonus? The following Monday is the day our garbage collector picks up all the big stuff. So leave your unwanted items out and enjoy the extra space in your homes.