Mrs. Zboran spent a few weeks this summer as part of the CMU data fluency team.  One of the goals of this group is to find way to use technology to connect people to each other and to their community. “I suspected that the students at the middle school didn’t realize the rich history that is right here in our little town. I devised a lesson that incorporated history and the use of technology to help foster a connection between the students and the town that bears the name of our school district.”  The project involved students working with a partner to research one of thirteen locations or famous people from the area.  They wrote narratives about their point of interest and on the morning of Nov. 7th toured the locations.  At each stop along the tour students read and recorded their narrative and took a picture of their site.  The technology lesson follows with the manipulation of the audio and picture files and creating an interactive map of the town.  When it is complete the map will be available on the internet for anyone to explore. Mrs. Zboran would like to thank the Freeport Renaissance Association for donating money to help pay for transportation and materials needed to complete the tour and the CMU fluency team for helping with the transportation costs and for lending us the microphones and cameras used.