The Freeport Renaissance Association’s logo and signage committee was tasked with redesigning the organization’s logo this year. The committee chair, Mandy Crytzer, shared that while the former logo served the association well, the logo should represent the future of the organization and the community to align with the Freeport Renaissance Association’s goal of being more forward-thinking.

“When considering what the new logo should look like, we decided that the logo would need to represent what the Freeport Renaissance Association is truly about,” says Crytzer. “Constant improvement of our town, consistent appreciation for our community, and hope for many people to enjoy what Freeport has to offer.”

The logo features what makes Freeport feel special to community members and visitors: the river, the gazebo at Freeport Riverside Park, the variety of homes and businesses throughout the borough, and the trails that leave from and lead to Freeport.

“Our hope is that anyone who sees the Freeport Renaissance Association logo will not only recognize how special our town is but also feel inspired to contribute to its success.”

The logo was designed by Jim Kashak.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Freeport Renaissance Association, please join us for our meetings held on the first Thursday of each month at 7 PM at the United Presbyterian Church of Freeport, 411 High Street.