Join Homestead Jenn and Homestead Phil of Rent The Chicken for a round or two of chicken poop bingo on Saturday, September 17! Yes, you read that correctly — chicken poop bingo. This entertaining 50/50 fundraiser for the Freeport Renaissance Association will leave your chances of winning up the fate of some feisty fowl.

Buy one square for $10 or a large square for $40. Games will be played at 4 PM and 5 PM. 

In between bingo sessions, Rent The Chicken will also have a chicken selfie station. Is there anything better than a selfie with a chicken?

About Rent The Chicken

Rent The Chicken brings you farm fresh eggs without the commitment and brings the farm closer to your table even in the smallest of backyards. Rent The Chicken serves over 45 locations in the US and Canada. They now offer their Hatch The Chicken program, a five-week hatching rental, in 35+ locations.